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Foster & Scott: We design, we create & we drink our body weight in tea.

Founded in February 2012, we are an established Sheffield-based creative agency that doesn’t just wear our creativity on our sleeves; we sprinkle it over your business like confetti.

What we do
& why we do it.

We are simply a team of creative minds who thrive on collaboration and innovation. We believe that work should be a blast – fun, inspiring, and rewarding. Our culture is built on a passion for excellence and having a laugh along the way. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we are serious about delivering top-notch work.

Who’s who
& what we do.

Nice to meet you, we’re a lovely bunch (even if we do say so ourselves). Put some faces to names and meet our alter egos, brought to life by AI…


Co-Founder & Client Operations
A.K.A. Lord Foster


Co-Founder & Client Operations
A.K.A. Superstar DJ


Senior Designer & Project Manager
A.K.A. The Berserker


Senior Designer & Digital Marketing
A.K.A. Head of Muggle relations


A.K.A. Man of the match


A.K.A. Lead ranch hand


Head of Website Development
A.K.A. The Borg


Sales & Marketing Executive
A.K.A. Mrs Darcy


Business Development
A.K.A. The Empress

Everyone loves a
good stat!

Our trophy case of accreditations.

Our clients.Our collaborators.
Our bread & butter.

You’re not just a client; you’re the co-author of the narratives we craft.

We’re not in the
business of ordinary!

It’s not just about what we create; it’s about the stories we tell, the emotions we evoke, and the impact we make.

When life gives you lemons, create a blog.