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St Peter & St Paul School

Established in 1944, St Peter & St Paul School is a beacon of educational excellence and innovation, for children aged 4-11 in the market town of Chesterfield. The school takes pride in delivering a comprehensive and well-rounded education that equips young minds with the skills and knowledge necessary to embrace life’s opportunities.

Throughout our longstanding partnership, we have collaborated closely with St Peter & St Paul School to continuously evolve their brand identity. We developed a forward-thinking marketing strategy aimed at supporting the school in achieving its long-term goals. This strategy involved crafting comprehensive brand guidelines and a prospectus, as well as designing a tailor-made, content-managed website. We also produced an engaging promotional video and social media content to highlight the school’s unique qualities to prospective parents. Our ongoing commitment to working with St Peter & St Paul ensures that the school’s marketing strategy remains dynamic and successful.