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Exclusive Networks Website

Exclusive Networks is a world-leading, globally trusted digital infrastructure specialist. Their requirement for a new global website to showcase their expertise, technology vendors, and regional service was undoubtedly critical for their continued success.

A website with multi-language sub-sites servicing each region that could be integrated into a fully content management system (CMS), therefore giving each local marketing team the ability to manage their own website, make changes, and translate. WordPress Multisite CMS was chosen for this purpose with the benefits of great optimisation plugins, and its flexibility to upscale at any point.

Working closely with the global marketing team and having previously completed a full rebrand, we moved swiftly to create a full wireframe working demo of the website. This could be used and tested for UX purposes to see how well it would function at different screen sizes. Once approved we began to implement design layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop. One of the main aims of the website was to be feature-rich with interactivity and animation that would engage with the user. Video animation was key to bringing the brand assets and imagery to life.

Once the design stage was completed we embarked on the full bespoke development of the website, with project milestones for delivery and testing. A key stage was the transfer of valued content and assets from the old website to the new development website. Newly translated content with accompanying meta details was then added to each page for every region. Once completed each country’s marketing team was given access to make changes prior to going live.

The result is a global website with increased user visits, user engagement, and all data points showing year-on-year growth.