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The power of marketing automation

The power of marketing automation

We all have 24 hours in a day but where does it all seem to go? It’s easy to let marketing efforts slip, with workload and deadlines always taking priority. Save yourself time with the use of automation!

Wondering where to get started? Read below to see which areas of your marketing you can easily start to automate.

  • Social Media – Social posting alone can easily take up a significant amount of your day, leaving you no time to interact with others or boost your impressions and engagements. Remove the last-minute rush of posting with social media scheduling tools. These tools will allow you to easily schedule posts far in advance and see your overall social media accounts at a glance. Having all your social accounts managed in one place also makes it easier to refine your social media marketing efforts and assess analytics.
  • Emails Make sure your content stands out amongst the crowd of daily emails with the use of automation and personalisation. Personalisation is no longer an option but is expected from your audience, and the good news is that most personalisation can be automated through email platform tools. Target your recipients with emails such as abandoned cart reminders, birthday or significant event discounts or offers, or even as specific as responding to them clicking on a link on your site or email campaign! Combine this email automation with merge tags and you can easily automatically insert your recipient’s name, company name or anything you’d like to the email as if you had personally written it yourself.
  • Ads – Ads are one of the best ways to reach out to new people, and automation allows you to target their interests directly. Maybe somebody has visited your site and left after visiting a few pages? Remind them of your presence with an ad that displays when they’re browsing the web. Or target individuals who are visiting sites very similar to yours with your own ads that show as they’re scrolling their social media feeds. All of these triggers can be automated through both social and search engine ads, taking the guesswork and time out of the equation.

All of these automation methods will not only save you time but will make your marketing efforts much more effective. However, setting up these automated campaigns can still cost valuable time that some companies just can’t afford and that’s where we can help!

We are tried and tested experts in social media, email and ad automation and can create a bespoke plan based on your goals and requirements. Contact us today for a personalised quotation.

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