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Foster & Scott’s Big Night Out

Last Friday marked the first night out for Foster & Scott in a while. To celebrate the team and our new(ish) starters, we fought against the floods and got ourselves to Sheffield City Centre for some bowling, curling and grub.

We started the night at Roxy Ballroom with a game of duckpin bowling which resulted in a battle of boys v girls with Caitlan showing everyone how it’s done with a score of 95! After two rounds of bowling and a few drinks down, it was time to move on to ice-free curling. Deciding to keep the boy v girl teams going we all had winning on our minds which resulted in us mostly trying to sabotage the other team from scoring. Even though the girls gave their all, the boys (unfortunately) came out victorious with a 6-2 win.

Once the battles had been fought, it was time for food, and we made the very short walk over to The Furnace. After the discussion of ‘to starter or not to starter’ it was time to go big or go home and the orders were in. We had a lovely meal along with a few more drinks on the side before it was time to go back out into the lovely downpour and get ourselves home.

Overall, it was a fun-filled night with lots of laughs and a great bit of team bonding. A big thank you to our directors for the night and here’s to many more to come!

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