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The Importance of Good Design & Marketing for Sports Clubs

The Importance of Good Design & Marketing for Sports Clubs

Much like a business, established sports clubs need to get their image through marketing right, from the off.

As a professional, semi-professional or even an amateur sports club, there are many important reasons why giving your club a unique, welcoming and professional identity through marketing is vital for success.

Let’s jump back to America in the 1930’s before websites, modern marketing and social media. The New York Yankee’s Baseball Team dominated the World Series for three years in a row. Some suggest that their attractive, uniquely designed pinstripe uniforms played a major role in their huge success. That pinstriped branding alongside the club’s logo is a familiar sight for millions of people, young and old, across the world. That is successful design and marketing for a sports club.

Here are three simple reasons why sports clubs need to appeal:

  •  To attract funding – it’s becoming increasingly popular for sports clubs to use YouTube and other social media channels to really boost their impact on a community. The bigger the impact and community involvement, the better the chances of being funded either through sponsorship or funding pots.
  •  To attract members – obvious but true. If you don’t present a professional image to people, they may be less inclined to join you. It can be as simple as a logo, social media accounts and a one-paged website. If you appeal and take your club seriously, then new members will undoubtedly follow. If you can’t be recognised or even noticed, what chance do you stand against other sports clubs?
  • Your members want to feel proud – enjoying the sport is one thing but ultimately everyone wants to feel that they are part of a progressive team. A team that is going somewhere. A matching shirt with your club’s logo may be all that is needed to make your members feel important. It’s a reward for the hard work that members put in.

In 2015, there are many resources and funding opportunities helping sports clubs set up and keep going. If cost puts you off from getting your image right, don’t let it. Here at Foster and Scott, we offer a competitive package that includes everything you might need to get your sports club set up with a unique image, a presence on social media and an effective website to go with it. We can also help with many other aspects of marketing your sports club such as designs for exhibitions, events, flyers for handing out and posters.

If you would like more information on what we can offer, please contact us for an informal, no obligation chat: or call us on 0114 2618661. We look forward to hearing about your sports club and ideas for getting it moving.

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