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Digital Age: Get Mobile Friendly or Google Will Downgrade Your Website

The digital age is here and we are now accessing the internet through more ways than we ever imagined; smartphones, PC’s, tablets, laptops, TV’s and now, even our kitchen appliances. But what does this digitalisation of more consumer goods mean for your business?

Well, it means that now more than ever, you have to keep up with digital changes if you want to compete.

Google has just announced that it is downgrading websites that are not ‘mobile-friendly’ – in other words, websites that are not performing to optimized standards for users of tablets, smartphones and other appliances will not rank as highly in search engines as those that are designed for any digital screen.

Don’t Miss Out, Act Now

Now is the time to act if your business relies on driving traffic to your website. A downgraded site means potential loss of sales and better odds for your competitors who may already have a fully optimized ‘mobile-friendly’ website.

If you’re not one of the businesses who took notice of the advance warnings splattered all over the World Wide Web such as this article from in May 2013, then this latest announcement from Google means a new digital strategy is an urgent priority.

“As you prepare to make long-delayed investments in your business, put website redesign high on your list so you’ll be ready to reach consumers via their phones, tablets, PCs, TVs or, soon, refrigerator doors, bathroom mirrors and more.”


We Can Help

Stay ahead of Google’s downgrading and ahead of your competitors. If your website needs improving for the digital age and you want to make sure that you are offering your potential customers the simplest and best possible experience, no matter how many pieces of technology they’re using, come and chat to us.

At Foster and Scott, we have been developing and delivering mobile-friendly websites for a long time. We know all the latest ‘mobile-friendly’ solutions and can help your website become fully optimized.

Get in touch for a free consultation.

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