Website Hosting

Great websites need great website hosting.

You have a great website that you have spent time planning and gathering content. You appointed an agency to design and develop it but have you payed attention to where, what and how the website is hosted?

Often overlooked by companies when deciding to have a new website developed. However it’s one of the most important factors for your website.

Search engines ranking algorythms all take into account how fast a website is and the location of the server being relative to the business location. It’s important to host your site in the UK if you re based here.

Most websites also have a Content management Systems (CMS) that need to be kept secure from cyber attacks and other online threats. The server that you host with should have protection to stop this and as a last resort have a full back-up of your website every 24 hours.

We offer a UK based fully secured managed hosting package where we keep your website CMS updated to alleviate threats, our server has the protection you need and is backed up every 24 hours. Make sure your website hosting is fit for purpose and is not over looked!


In need of Website Hosting?

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