Video & Animation

We all have less time to consume information and video content fits our modern lifestyles. Social Media & Promotional Videos are perfect to get your products and services to your audience and target market.

In this fast paced world where we all lead ever increasing busy lives there is less time to grab peoples attention before we move onto the next thing. With Social media and the rise of online video channels we consume content in an immediate way. There is less time to relax and read but with video we get instant gratification with interesting visual content and sound which engages or senses quicker. Video content is ideal for the times when we consumers have five minutes to check social media or browse websites.

Marketing strategies for any business should now encompass video marketing with all its benefits of being shareable and having value. The time is now to engage with your target audience and reach out to more customers and increase brand loyalty and recognition.

Full Video Content Production  for Social Media & Promotional Videos

We create quality video content that will engage with your customers and fit your digital marketing strategy. We start with developing creative concepts, ideas and professionally written copy. This is then storyboarded so you understand and visualise the idea. Once understood we can make any adjustments to the content before approval.

We then professionally film any required scenes or content including interviews, products, business premises and even filming with a drone. Once we have all the footage required we then start the production making edits to the footage and combining with animation music and any voice overs. The final product can be used for Content Marketing, Video Advertising and Social Media.

Your business can have informative and creative video marketing that connects with your audience and its available for all types of budgets.

In need of a promotional or social media video?

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