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Heroes of the Hybrid Cloud

Assembling a team of heroes for the good of hybrid cloud-datacentre technologies.

Working with Bigtec’s Global marketing team we produced campaign creative & Illustrations to help IT Leaders take advantage of new technology and to demystify and accelerate their understanding of virtual, software-defined, hybrid cloud datacentre technologies.

This is where the unique superpowers of Hybrid Heroes are ready to educate.

Captain Auto                Your cloud provisioning co-pilot

Agent Turbo                  The fastest and smarted workload management master

Mr. X                               Delivering an agile enterprise cloud as if by magic

Brik                                  The ultimate backup and recovery weapon

Object Enforcer             Bringing public cloud S3 object storage home to your datacentre

The WAN Warrior        Visibility and control to broadband your WAN

The Switch Tsunami     Super-smart cloud networking architecture for any size requirements

Network Master            Management of multiple hypervisors, clouds and virtual endpoints

Mr. Elastic                      The most flexible load balancing superpowers in the universe

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