Website Design

Our Website Design experts can transform tired, outdated websites into brand new, multi-device super sites with interactive features.

Your business website is important and is the shop window into your products and services. A badly designed and built website reflects your business and first impressions do really count. The average user only takes a matter of seconds to judge if the website reflects what they are searching for or deciding to leave and click through to another site.

Before we design and develop a bespoke website we take the time to understand the product or service and then we can devise what the website requirements are. We take a considered approach to planning and content mapping a website before we move onto the design and development.

Website Design – Bespoke WordPress Websites

Our bespoke WordPress website development is fully customisable. This means that it is planned and designed to match your business requirements.

Once we have agreed on a structure and it is fully content mapped we will start the design process. Our UX design team work with you to create layouts that are responsive and work across all devices. We pay a great deal of attention to how the site will appear on mobile devices with over 50% of all website traffic viewed on a mobile. Only when you are happy with the design will we start the development which is totally bespoke to your business.

Having a bespoke website means that the code is lean and only trusted plugins are used when necessary. This helps the site gain better search rankings and also ensures that the site can be updated and managed with ease. If also hosted with us we will take the headache out updates giving you the full end to end solution.

Premium Theme Based WordPress Websites

WordPress is the worlds number one Content Management Systems (CMS) and because of this there are lots of themes and frameworks that have been developed for it. If you have a small budget then this is the perfect solution for you as you still get all the benefits of having a WordPress website but for a smaller cost than having it bespoke designed and developed.

With a premium theme it has been pre designed and developed which reduces cost for you. We take the theme and add your branding, colours and content, and make any changes to the predefined layouts if required.

So with lots of themes to chose from and a quicker development time you can have a website up and running with a fraction of the cost.

E-commerce Websites

Safe, secure and well planned navigation are core features of the most successful e-commerce websites and contribute to offering the best user experience, encouraging customers to come back again and again.

Make sure you keep your customers happy with a reliable, straight-forward service that upholds and builds on your reputation. We can help with all aspects of e-commerce websites from the initial design, research and planning through to providing an in-depth marketing plan and targeted advertising campaigns for your brand. We’ll help you boost your sales by incorporating trusted payment features into the website using big names like Paypal and Worldpay.

Through every step of the ecommerce process, we can help ensure that you’re making the most from your online business.

In need of a website?

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